How companies do not want to fund research, commit atrocities to acquire talent, technology
The news that the funding in the indian startup sector has reduced drastically in 2016 compared to 2015 is not surprising since indian companies are becoming notorious for treating honest hardworking individuals worse than criminals in their cheap attempt to acquire talent and technology cheaply, These companies do not want to fund research inhouse, to develop their own technology, bribe powerful corrupt intelligence and security agency officials to commit endless atrocities on small business owners, to cause great losses, so that the business owner will take up a job with these companies at a price far lower than the market price.

While companies in the pharma sector openly disclose that they are investing a huge amount in developing new medicines, in the indian internet and tech sector, the talent acquisition methods used are extremely unethical and shocking for those who have worked in professional managed and ethical companies. These companies are mainly export oriented and are willing to use borderline illegal methods to acquire the best talent available in the country, cheaply so that these companies continue to make million or billion dollar profits yearly.

These huge companies are able to influence government policy makers to closely monitor the revenues of smaller export focussed companies so that their financial information is available to the larger companies and they can acquire technology cheaply without spending any money on research. For example, in 2010, Paypal revenues were closely monitored, and many of the larger Paypal account holder found that their life became hell, as the large companies bribed intelligence and security agency officials to destroy the life of the paypal account holders, wasting tax payer money.

The culture in most large indian tech companies does not encourage innovation and research, the employee knows that he or he will get a salary, even though he or she has not developed any new technology. So the large companies do not waste their money on inhouse research, rely on the fraud intelligence and security agencies to waste tax payer money and make the brilliant innovative professional penniless, stealing their retirement savings without a court order, blocking almost all payment and ruthlessly torturing the harmless professional with the indian version of the Raytheon pain gun, so that the person is not able to work on the computer.

NTRO officials will also be bribed to steal the resume of the brilliant professional for their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced cheater friends and relatives with criminal tendencies to get these frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs, so that these fraud friends join the criminal ntro, security agency officials in harassing, cheating and exploiting the brilliant professional, who has invested a large amount of time and money in doing research, acquiring expertise.

When indian intelligence and security agencies take sadistic pleasure in defaming without proof, cheating , exploiting and torturing brilliant harmless honest professionals in India, it is not surprising that India has no science Nobel prize winner after independence, despite having the second largest population in the world. India is also the largest importer of defence equipment in the world, with far smaller countries like Israel, exporting weapons to India because the SHAMELESS FRAUD indian security and intelligence agencies like cbi, raw, ntro worship, reward LAZY INEXPERIENCED SEX BRIBE GIVING GREEDY MEDIOCRE SECTION 420 CHEATERS and reward FRAUDS WITH TOP JOBS in cbi/raw , FAKING THEIR RESUME,including btech 1993 EE degrees from top college

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