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Political parties promoting young frauds faking business ownership, encouraging them to commit fraud on older business owners

No one will object if young people actually start their own online business, spending their time and money, opening their own bank account.
yet indicating a major fraud, the political parties are encouraging lazy greedy young scammers to commit fraud on older small online business owners, falsely claiming to own their business when there is no connection at all.
The panaji sindhi scammer brothers nikhil, karan premchandani, siddhi mandrekar,sunaina chodan are some of the long list of google, tata sponsored young frauds faking business ownership who are falsely claiming to own the business of an older single woman engineer who they and their families hate, criminally defame.
Now Delhi government promoting young business owners, showing the ad on young business owners repeatedly on Hindi television channels. Actually some political parties are openly encouraging young people to commit fraud on older business owners, and older single women are worst affected by the political parties promoting lazy greedy fraud young people .