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Government refuses to end government SLAVERY REWARDING lazy LIAR young scammers who do no computer work

In all sectors, the government recognizes the investors, workers who are actually investing their money, workers who are investing their time to make money in the sector.
Only in the indian internet sector, since 2010, government agencies are openly involved in slavery of some online workers, refusing to acknowledge the time they spend doing computer work, falsely claiming that the work is done by well connected scammer students, goan call girls, cheater housewives and other frauds who do not spend any time doing computer work at all to pay all the lazy liar young fraudsters monthly government salaries.
There are many companies who are paying the young online fraudsters very good salaries for doing very less work in office, there is no reason why the young scammers should work online for very less money
yet showing the extreme dishonesty of the government agencies, tech and internet companies in India,the liar government agencies continue to make fake claims about lazy liar young companies who do no computer work at all, to waste taxpayer money paying them a monthly government salary while the real online worker is slandered,making very less money because of the government SLAVERY racket since 2010