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FRAUD LIAR indian tech, internet companies continuetheir government SLAVERY making up FAKE stories about LAZY GREEDY FRAUD young women

After running the great goan government SLAVERY RACKEt for more than 10 years, the SHAMELESS scammer liar indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are now hounding the domain investor wherever she goes, falsely associating lazy greedy shameless scammer young people, especially young women with her, to cheat,exploit her

These fraud tech, internet companies fail to answer why the greedy young women do not open their own paypal, bank account, work for customers, why these greedy young women are falsely claiming to be associated with the domain investor, single woman engineer, so that she can be slandered, cheated, exploited .

Please not that no person below the age of 50 is associated with the website in any way at all, though the shameless fraud liar indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are making fake claims since 2010, as part of the government SLAVERY racket, government job for SEX racket to get lazy greedy well connected LIAR young women, students government jobs in a financial fraud, government SLAVERY which can be legally proved
Though they make millions of dollars in profit , google, tata, internet companies are without any corporate ethics at all, with their shameless SCAMMER employees RUTHLESSLY CHEATING exploiting, robbing small online business owners, and making fake claims about lazy greedy fraud young women, students who do no computer work at all