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Indian society, government and corporate sector ruthlessly CHEATS, EXPLOITS, ROBS older professionals

The Trident group has been advertising extensively in Hindustan Times for the vacancies it has
It is offering an annual salary of Rs 18 lakh to professionals with 3 years experience
For leadership positions it is offering a package of Rs one crore to professionals below the age of 40
After the age of 40, though the person may be skilled, hardworking, the government,companies refuse to acknowledge the work they do, especially if working at home, and falsely give lazy greedy young cheaters, housewives and other frauds like greedy goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan credit, monthly government salary at the expense of the older person in a case of government SLAVERY which the mainstream media refuses to cover, while the hardworking older person is viciously SLANDERED to cover up the government job for sex racket.
This exposes the massive indian tech and internet sector fraud on older professionals, investors stealing their data, to get lazy greedy young frauds monthly government salaries showing the lack of honesty and humanity in indian society and government.