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Maidservants, drivers, cooks above the age of 45 are paid for the work they do, only SHAMELESS LIAR indian tech, internet companies openly CHEATING older workers

The SHAMELESS GREEDY FRAUD indian tech and internet companies have run their massive online, financial fraud since 2010, to give various lazy greedy cheater housewives, goan call girls, sindhi scammer brothers nikhil,karan premchandani other young frauds who do no computer credit and monthly government salaries at the expense of the domain investor in a case of government SLAVERY , due to which the domain investor’s net business income is less than Rs 40000 in the financial year 2022-2023

When the indian, state government,people, tech and internet companies will pay maidservants, drivers,cooks, construction workers more than 45 years of age, for the work they do, why are indian, state government agencies, tech and internet companies so shameless and greedy in their fraud on older domain investors who are actually spending their time doing computer work, falsely giving shameless lazy greedy young frauds who do not spend any time credit and monthly government salaries for work the greedy young frauds do not do

Computer work is also work, the writer has to sit in front of the computer for very low income, the young people are not spend any time at all, yet showing the extreme DISHONESTY, GREED, LACK of humanity of the indian tech, internet companies they refuse to acknowledge, pay older workers and falsely give lazy greedy young cheaters and liars credit, monthly government salari

SHAMELESS DISHONEST indian tech, internet companies continue their fraud of making fake claims about GREEDY young cheaters

Though they make millions of dollars in profit, the extremely dishonest greedy indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google,tata , infosys , cognizant and others are running one of the greatest government slavery racket, cybercrime rackets on small online business owners in india falsely claiming that LAZY GREEDY young people, who do not spend any money on domains, do not do any computer are doing the work to give the SHAMELESS GREEDY young frauds great powers, monthly government salaries at the expense of the hardworking older person

Most young people are not interested in growing any type of plants,yet exposing the massive government SLAVERY racket of the indian tech and internet companies, government agencies they are making FAKE CLAIMS about greedy good looking young frauds like they did in goa. There are plenty of jobs available for young people, few opportunities available for older citizens, and there is no one below the age of 50 associated with the websites in the network in any way at all. Indore robber raw employee deepika/veena is also not associated with the websites in any way, since she refuses to legally purchase the domains despite being extremely wealthy with assets of Rs 10 crore or more

If any tech, internet company, young person is falsely claiming to be associated with the websites in this network, please contact at so that legal action can be taken against the young person for fraud

25 year old pranav ramteke abducts his cousin, cousin’s mother over property dispute, after offering Rs 8 crore to kidnappers.

Due to the government policy of rewarding greedy young cheaters and liars with great powers, monthly salary, increasingly young people are extremely aggressive in CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING older people, since they are confident that no action will be taken against them
Indicating how widespread, cheating and betrayal are in india at present, Lured to look at property in Panvel, retired DCP Vasant Kamble’s 80-year old wife Rohini and son Vishal were kidnapped, and the son has been allegedly murdered . The kidnapping was allegedly organized by the 25-year old cousin Pranav Ramteke regarding property dispute in Kolhapur, since the Kamble family owned property worth crores in Kolhapur.
The mother and son had come to Mumbai from Kolhapur to attend the court hearing for another property, and were living in a hotel in Chembur, Mumbai. They suddenly disappeared in April, and when the wife’s sister filed a police complaint, the police started investigating. They found that their luggage and other items remained in th hotel room, and they had gone to Panvel to look at a property when they were kidnapped and were being allegedly forced to sign property papers.
The kidnappers claimed that they had killed the son and dumped his body on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway, while his mother was held captive at Royal Palms, in Aarey Milk colony, Goregaon. The police managed to rescue the mother and hospitalized her, while the body of the son has not been retrieved till date.
This again exposes the great risk, people take when they go to have a look at property, especially in remote areas, they are completely at the mercy of the real estate agent, who is arranging for the transport and other facilities
In this case, the sister filed a police complaint after a few days, yet for single people, there is no one to notice , if anything happens , so they have to be very careful. So it is far more difficult for older people to invest in or purchase a new property
Allegedly Rs 8 crore were promised to the gang who was abducted the mother-son and later killed Vishal Kamble
Like pranav ramteke, the sindhi scammer raw employee pune axe bank manager nikhil premchandani is also 25 , extremely greedy, dishonest and ruthless in cheating, exploiting, robbing the domain investor. In addition to short slim architect telugu trisha, the fraud indian tech and internet companies are also falsely promoting a short slim teen mother who wore a blue croptop and jeans, who is also faking domain ownership, work as part of the government policy of rewarding lazy greedy young people for cheating older citizens.
This dishonesty, greed makes it extremely difficult to trust young people, yet government agencies, tech and internet companies continue their great fraud of spreading fake rumors promoting students or other young people who do no work, are not associated with the business in any way.