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Slim fraud young architect trisha continues with cybercrime to get government salary

One of the harsh realities of working online in india is how the indian government is openly rewarding CYBERCRIME on small online business owners , rewarding the CYBERCRIMINALS with monthly government salaries only for making fake claims using stolen data while the small online owner whose data is stolen is CRIMINALLY DEFAMED to cover up the CYBERCRIME
the madhya pradesh government was the first state in india to avail of the indian government policy of rewarding CYBERCRIMINALS with government jobs, getting great powers, monthly government salary for indore housewife deepika/veena, only COOKING, CLEANINg for her crooked husband with other states like haryana, goa, karnataka, and gujarat also involved in similar frauds
Now it appears that the telugu officials are also involved in a similar cybercrime, fake rumors racket with Fraud young slim architect trisha does not do any computer work, uses CYBERCRIME to steal data and make fake claims to allegedly get a government job, great powers