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Large number of older persons have few opportunities, low income

Indicating the open discrimination against older people, it appears that a large number of older people have low income. The domain investor thought that she was the only person who faced problems, it appears that there are many people who are in worse condition.
Due to the ruthlessness of the tech and internet companies in their identity theft racket , she does not want to upload documents online, so she went to an insurance company to get the sum assured for the insurance policy she had purchased in 2012.
She found that there was another person who also was submitting the documents for getting the refund of the money. He was also around 50+, south indian. Though he was tall, well spoken, it appears that he was also facing financial problems
He was telling the insurance staff that his income was well below the taxation limit, that he was a freelancer. It appears that the mainstream media is conveniently forgetting the plight of the older citizens who are facing financial problems. His plight is the main reason why the domain investor is so paranoid, younger and well connected people, especially scammer sindhis, gujjus are extremely ruthless in grabbing the money of anyone they find vulnerable.