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Lazy liar young people,students faisely getting credit for computer work they do not do

One of the worst examples of slavery in the world. is how the SHAMELESS GREEDY DISHONEST LIAR indian tech and internet companies are always in CYBERCRIME, SLAVERY, cheating, exploiting, robbing hardworking older people doing computer work, and falsely giving Lazy liar young people,students faisely getting credit for computer work they do not do.
The LIAR indian tech and internet companies are aware that the young people, housewives are not doing any computer work at all, yet being pathological LIARS, CHEATERS they continue to DUPE countries, companies and people since 2010, so countries worldwide should be aware of these ruthless CHEATERS, LIARS who cannot be trusted.

Itel smartphone hacked after banking fraud of short slim cheater architect telugu trisha exposed

Itel smartphone hacked, cannot unlock it
Indicating the risk involved in using smartphones, the itel smartphone which the domain investor uses cannot be unlocked
It is an intermittent problem, in the early morning it is not getting unlocked
Yet sometimes during the day, the smartphone can be unlocked swiping it
This clearly indicates that smartphones are not reliable, they are being controlled remotely
This is also an example of why smartphone based payment is risky
Now the domain investor has to purchase another smartphone, spending money, a business expense which government agencies refuse to acknowledge
A lot of time is also being wasted trying to fix the problem.
It appears that after the banking fraud of young fraud architect telugu trisha exposed, her associates hack Itel smartphone to cause losses to the domain investor, single woman engineer who legally owns the bank account, yet is criminally defamed by the local security, intelligence agencies to justify giving great powers to their favorite fraud architect banking fraudster short slim telugu trisha who does no computer work, yet falsely takes credit after ROBBING data