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After young greedy goan bhandari scammer R&AW employee sunaina, siddhi’s computer work fraud was exposed, newspaper is dumped on the floor

For 9 years, the greedy goan officials ran a very lucrative racket of criminally defaming, cheating, exploiting a hardworking older single woman engineer, domain investor, falsely linking high status well connected young frauds, housewives with her , who would then get get government salaries only for faking computer work, domain investment.
Now it is clear that the real domain investor will not get anything from government agencies or even any company in India, so she finds that there is no reason why she should tolerate the criminal defamation further, why young lazy liars, who do not even have the courtesy to speak to her, should get credit, monthly salaries at her expense when they are not doing any computer work at all.
Realizing that the extremely lucrative computer work fraud since 2010, is over, the goa intelligence, security agencies have asked the newspaper vendor to dump the newspapers on the floor, instead of keeping it on the door.