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R&AW/cbi refuse to correct it fake team records rewarding young scammers, CHEATING,EXPLOITING,criminally defaming hardworking older single woman engineer

One of the best indications that government CORRUPTION levels in india are the highest in the world making life hell for citizens like the domain investor,is how for 9 years,R&AW/cbi refuse to correct it fake team records CHEATING,EXPLOITING,criminally defaming hardworking single woman engineer
There is no one helping the domain investor at all, especially after her retirement savings were stolen in 2012 , yet in a major government fraud and government slavery, raw/cbi are making up FAKE team STORIES to CRIMINALLY DEFAME,CHEAT, EXPLOIT the hardworking single woman engineer in the worst manner, deny her the income and opportunities she deserved with their 100% FAKE TEAM stories.
In one of the most sophisticated BRIBERY rackets of raw/cbi employees who are targetting hardworking indian paypal account holders, though the well paid government employees are aware that no one is helping the hardworking person in any way at all, they are falsely claiming that well connected lazy greedy frauds, usually young and good looking, are part of the team of the hardworking person
They then criminally defame the hardworking person actually doing the work in the worst manner, to deny the person the income and opportunities she deserved, and give government jobs to the fake team member who is young and goodlooking, making up 100% FAKE STORIES that the young scammer is doing the work using stolen data, obtained by hacking the computer of the hardworking person, usually from a poor and powerless community.

In reality the young scammer is only enjoying himself or studying or working elsewhere (not internet related ) yet the government agencies continue making up FAKE TEAM stories to get massive bribes from the young scammer, who is getting a monthly government salary without doing any computer work at all in one of the most shocking cases of government slavery which the mainstream media refuses to cover .