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Maidservants, drivers, cooks above the age of 45 are paid for the work they do, only SHAMELESS LIAR indian tech, internet companies openly CHEATING older workers

The SHAMELESS GREEDY FRAUD indian tech and internet companies have run their massive online, financial fraud since 2010, to give various lazy greedy cheater housewives, goan call girls, sindhi scammer brothers nikhil,karan premchandani other young frauds who do no computer credit and monthly government salaries at the expense of the domain investor in a case of government SLAVERY , due to which the domain investor’s net business income is less than Rs 40000 in the financial year 2022-2023

When the indian, state government,people, tech and internet companies will pay maidservants, drivers,cooks, construction workers more than 45 years of age, for the work they do, why are indian, state government agencies, tech and internet companies so shameless and greedy in their fraud on older domain investors who are actually spending their time doing computer work, falsely giving shameless lazy greedy young frauds who do not spend any time credit and monthly government salaries for work the greedy young frauds do not do

Computer work is also work, the writer has to sit in front of the computer for very low income, the young people are not spend any time at all, yet showing the extreme DISHONESTY, GREED, LACK of humanity of the indian tech, internet companies they refuse to acknowledge, pay older workers and falsely give lazy greedy young cheaters and liars credit, monthly government salari