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Government policy of rewarding LIAR young fraudsters like telugu trisha faking computer work forces online workers, investors to relocate

The greedy LIAR married accenture employee short slim architect telugu trisha had never done any computer work at all, does not pay any expenses.
Yet as part of the never ending frauds of the liar top tech and internet companies, government employees in the internet sector, just because sophisticated hacking equipment was installed in the house of accenture employee short slim architect telugu trisha’s relative to rob data from the domain investor, the liar government agency made fake claims about telugu trisha to give her great powers at the expense of the hardworking domain investor
Greedy cunning cheater architect telugu trisha abused these powers faked sbi credit card ownership and did not allow the domain investor to redeem her sbi credit card points.
Since the dishonest LIAR tech, internet companies, government agencies continue to reward the greedy LIAR married young accenture employee short slim architect telugu trisha for cybercrime, making fake claims, the domain investor who is victim of government SLAVERY is relocating for some time, which exposes the cybercrime racket, computer work fraud of telugu trisha .